Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon


Post Operative Capsular Release and Manipulation Rehabilitation Protocol
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This procedure typically involves an arthroscopic release of the restricted capsule followed by precise stretching to restore range of movement.

General points


      From 0-6 weeks:
      Postural control and scapulo-thoracic setting.
      Pendular exercises.
      Active assisted external rotation.
      Active assisted elevation in supine as comfort allows
      Increase range of movement as soon as tolerated through passive and active assisted movement.
      Active assisted exercises progressing to active exercises – utilise short lever, supine and closed kinetic chain exercises if appropriate.

      From 6 weeks:
      Progress to open chain long lever – remembering function.
      Isometric exercises in variable starting positions progressing to resisted through range strengthening.

      Continue to progress through graduated strengthening while maintaining range and quality of movement.

      Functional Milestones
      Driving: See general principles of rehabilitation
      Swimming: 6-8 weeks
      Golf: 8-10 weeks
      Light work/gardening: 6-8 weeks
      Heavy manual work/gardening: 10-12 weeks

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